About Us


Master Painters Australia Ltd is the Federal Body that represents the interests of all state Master Painters Associations.

The Association seeks to advance, encourage and recognise the highest standards of trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice.

Since its foundation in 1913, Master Painters Australia Ltd has been an independent representative for firms and individuals conducting business in the painting, decorating and sign writing trades. It is a non-profit company managed by a group of elected directors.


The MPA has two principal objectives: assisting the interests of its members in a business sense, and ensuring that the professional standards of the industry are upheld.

It is the single authoritative organisation in its field, enabling it to negotiate and co-ordinate a wide variety of business, educational and information services for its members.

The tangible benefits of being a member of the MPA materialise in the form of more profitable work, leading to increased business success and profitability.

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