INFORMATION DATA SHEET 007: Painting of Plasterboard and Backrolling

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The Master Painters Australia recommends that when painting new plaster board a three coat system should apply as per the Industry Standard.

Selecting the right product and finish for the job at hand is one of the decisions a professional painting contractor has to make to obtain a quality finish and maximize the life of the surface coating for their clients.

  • The first coat should be a coat applied with a 10mm wool nap roller, the preferred method.
  • If the first coat is to be applied by spray application than backrolling¹ must occur whilst the paint film is still wet.
  • The two finish coats should be applied as normal with backrolling¹ when spray applications have been used.
  • Two coat systems on raw plaster board do not allow the paint product used to reach its full potential both in performance and colour depth. If a two coat system is to be used we recommend a manufactures warranty be obtained.
  • Touch ups on low sheen or satin finishes are also not recommended and the whole area should be recoated to maximize the paint finish.
  • If coverage has still not been achieved, extra coats should be charged out as a variation.
  • The recommended viewing distance for paint work is 1.5 to 2 m which must be performed in a well lit area.

¹Backrolling is the process of following along behind the spay gun with a short to medium nap roller.

This procedure is highly recommended when painting plasterboard surfaces.

It has three direct benefits:-

  • The rolling action assists in laying down (flattening) the ‘nap’ that can be raised both by the plasterer when sanding off set joints – and by the painter through the interaction of the spray with any loose paper fibres on the surface.
  • The rolling action assists in working the paint into the textured paper surface of plasterboard.
  • The roller imparts a surface texture to the freshly applied paint. The texture is helpful in disguising small variations in flatness which can occur – particularly over setting lines at the joints between the boards. It also disguises small variations in surface texture between the board and setting compound surfaces.
  • The manufacturers of plasterboard have advocated the process of backrolling since the use of spray guns became common.
  • Painters who do not backroll following spray paint application, face the possibility of being accused of not complying with recommended painting practice over plasterboard.
  • The recommended system when painting plasterboard is:- a recommended sealer followed by two full coats of premium water based paint. As a minimum, the first (sealer) coat should be backrolled.
  • The backrolling of subsequent coats enhances texture.


All preparation and painting works should be to the A/S 2311:2009 Painting of Buildings

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